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Hello Darling!

Click on this link for details of my NSW tour late February/March 2020

Please note, I have changed my charges so that they tie in with the cost of accommodation. This means that I’ll be charging the same rate in Country and Coastal NSW as I do at home in Tasmania.

I’ll be staying in Melbourne for a night or two before I come back to Tasmania. This stay will ONLY be advertised on this site and is solely for people who have made advance bookings and paid their deposits. 

Now, for those of you not in NSW (or Melbourne), check out the new section – The Club! If you had access to the old Private Gallery you’ll have access to this area too.

Contact me if you’re a man (usually, but not always, over 40) looking for an intelligent, authentic and sensual woman to be your lover, companion and friend for an hour or two, or perhaps even longer.

To me it’s all about getting to know someone and his getting to know me, then doing what comes naturally. But if you would like a list of services there’s one in my profile on www.ScarletBlue.com.au (search on Lady Jane).

I’m a 66 year old woman currently living in Hobart, Tasmania. I regularly visit Launceston too, and at times I conquer my hatred of flying and go to mainland Australia.

To make a contribution to my living and travel expenses visit this page.

If you can’t spend some time with me but would love to know how my incredibly filthy mind works, buy my erotic fiction books. They’re a lot of fun and very sexy!

A few personal details. I’m 170 cm (5’7″) tall, wear size 14 clothes and a 16D bra. I keep those private areas neatly trimmed. I’m in excellent shape for my age as I walk a lot, eat well, and attempt to keep fit. My hair is shoulder length and silver blonde. (It’s got a bit more curl in it than the photos, I’ve recently changed my hairstyle.)

I’m hypersexual and multi orgasmic*. Since my teens men and sex have fascinated me, and I’ve studied every aspect of sex for half a century**. I’ve few inhibitions left these days – not that I had many in the first place! While I’m not into giving or receiving pain, tying people up, or dominance and submission there are plenty of other things two consenting adults can do to have loads of mutual fun. I adore oral (both giving and receiving), a wide variety of positions – and that’s just to start with. Some of my lovers enjoy water play (me on them). Ask me if there’s something in particular you would like me to do to you or vice versa. If you have any special requirements, let me know before our meeting.

However even I have boundaries. I refuse to use pain or bondage for sexual (or any other) purposes. Nor do I engage in anything to do with excrement.

Kissing deserves a paragraph all of is own. In my opinion, kissing is one of the most natural and intimate things two people can do. When you kiss, you’re sharing breath, sharing life itself. Kissing is wonderful, and I see no reason to exclude it. Unless of course you want to, then please tell me.

I am required by law to use condoms. Please do not request any type of natural services.

Discretion is absolutely guaranteed. Tasmania is an extremely small and inter-connected place, I know all about keeping secrets. I can host at my very private flat in New Town.

If you’re interested in enjoying an hour or two of mutual pleasure email me, text me on +61 458 212 417, or use the contact form below.

I don’t answer phone calls from people I don’t know. Please text me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m free. If you can’t text, leave a message, and I’ll contact you. Please note, I ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY, NEVER answer calls from private numbers, so if you leave a message please include a number to text you back on.

Darling, I’m longing to feel your hands on my body and your lips on my skin…

Yours sexily,

Jane xx

*Usually. I don’t guarantee this, but it’s rare that it doesn’t happen.
**My 50th anniversary is in August, 2020. I’ll be celebrating! Not sure how yet, but perhaps an orgy.