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This is my first blog. It’s based on the first newsletter I sent out, and will be a way of keeping in touch with the many lovely gentlemen who have contacted me in recent weeks.

And now for my news!

I’ve been working in a little part-time job in the City which ends – at last! – on Friday, 16th February. Work has been getting in the way of my having some serious fun with my gentlemen, so it had to go. Looking forward to freedom, time, and lots of lovely sex.

Speaking of time, I have four very broad session times available each day:

  • Mornings, although preferably not before 7:00am. Great for shift workers and morning men, and a wonderful start to the day.
  • Early afternoon, from about noon to around 3:00pm, for those of you who like to see me at lunchtime. You can eat me instead – or I can you.
  • Late afternoon, roughly 3:00pm to 7:00pm, is perfect for some relaxed leisurely fun. I’ll get the massage oil out.
  • Evenings, from 7:00pm onwards, are for the night owls. A glass of wine and slow blues or jazz in the background – a wonderful contrast to some steamy nocturnal sex.

These are a guide only, I don’t aim to fill every one, every day. I prefer quality over quantity so I don’t see a lot of people. You have my guarantee you won’t ever be pushed out of my door because the next booking is about to arrive.

Many things (not just sex) are more fun with some company. I also enjoy a meal out, or a concert, or the movies. This isn’t a paid service, it’s purely on a friends basis, but I need to know in advance so I can reserve the time in my calendar.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Jane xx



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