Saturday afternoon fantasy

The trouble with being in quarantine is that my body is used to sex on at least a daily basis. It really hit me today, during a phone call with a delightful and very sensual man in Sydney. (What a pity we missed out on meeting when I was there recently!)

He told me he loved kissing – and other things – so I constructed a fantasy around his and my desires.

Here it is.


It’s a warm summer’s afternoon, but the curtains in my bedroom are drawn and the lamp is on.

My sheets are fine, white cotton, and the man lying on them is making me wet just from looking at him. Adam is young, far too young for me, but luckily he has a hankering for an older woman today. His build is solid, his shoulders are broad, and his chest is lightly covered with dark hair. His warm, brown eyes are watching me. He doesn’t quite know what to expect.

Where do I start? He’s laid out like a banquet for my pleasure.

I lean over and kiss him. His mouth is wet and warm. His tongue brushes mine.

My hand caresses his chest, up and down, up and down, every time inching closer to his groin, until I accidentally brush the tip of his cock.

He’s hard, oh so hard.

I lie on the bed next to him.

He wants to touch me. Do I let him? One breast perhaps, to fill his hand and feel my nipple harden. My leg entwines with his. His cock presses against my pussy. I’m aching for him to slide into me, but it’s far too soon.

I push him gently onto his back. He wants to kiss some more, and to be honest, so do I. But after that I slide down him, teasing his nipples with my teeth on the way.

I have a goal in mind.

That proud cock.

I’m salivating now.

I start with his balls, sucking each one, drawing them into my mouth. Then I run my tongue up the underside of his cock, then my lips, playing it like a musical instrument.

I hear him moan. He buries his hands in my hair.

My goal is the tip, the head. I suck it, lick it, run my tongue around it. Play with it. Slide it into my mouth. I can taste his pre cum.

“Jane!” he sighs, and I know it’s time for the next stage.

His cock is wet with my saliva, and my pussy is dripping anyway.

I move back up his body, slip my thighs each side of his hips, and slide him into me.* I come almost immediately, I’m so turned on by sucking him. My body’s on fire, I just want to ride him.

He doesn’t disappoint.

He grabs my hips with his big hands, holding me onto him.

He’s filling me, grinding into me, and I can’t stop coming.

I lean forward, wanting to feel the base of his cock against my clit. His hands move to my breasts, squeezing, kneading.

This is so fucking good!

He stops. I see his glance flicker towards the door of my bedroom. I look over my shoulder, and see another man, standing in the entrance to the room.

Oh, shit! I must have double booked myself! I’d been so excited about this client at 2:00 p.m., I’d forgotten my booking for 2:30. I must have left the front door open!

The new arrival is Ben, one of my regular guys. What’s he going to think? Walking in on my fucking someone else?

He’s totally different to Adam, the guy I’m fucking. Ben is tall and lean. I’ve sometimes thought he has a rock star sort of body. He always wears skinny black jeans and a black tee shirt, all he needs is the guitar.

Some unspoken communication passes between the two guys. Do they know each other already?

“Don’t let me stop you,” says Ben.

I watch as he peels off his clothes. He’s so hard his erection seems to spring out of his jeans as though it has a life of its own.

He sits on the bed next to us.

Ben is always fascinated by my back and my arse. He loves to stroke my back, to kiss it, and to play with my arse cheeks as though they were my boobs. He does that now.

“Don’t let me stop you,” he says.

And we don’t. I start moving again.

My pleasure is doubled. Now I have Adam on one side of me, playing with my boobs. And Ben behind me, caressing my back. I’m coming hard, over and over again.

And just as I think it can’t possibly get much better…

Ben reaches for the lube. He knows where it is, he’s been here many times before.

His legs are each side of Adam’s, I can feel the prickly hair of his thighs on my arse cheeks. And then…

That pressure on my arsehole.*

Now Ben has had my arse before. He has a long, thin cock, just what I enjoy there, and he knows exactly how I like it. Gently, smoothly, letting me relax around him. Easing his cock into me.

While Adam is deep inside my cunt.

I hold my breath. I want this moment to last as long as it possibly can. Two gorgeous men, two beautiful cocks moving in perfect harmony inside me.

The pleasure is so intense I can hardly bear it. The orgasm engulfs my entire body. Surging through me. Bringing both men with me. Cum everywhere.


I do love Saturday afternoons.

*This is a fantasy so I’ve missed out the condoms.


I do love my fantasy phone calls. They usually last a lot longer than the designated time, and, let’s face it, I have a fair bit of time on my hands right now. Day 3 of quarantine.

To have a fantasy call of your very own, click here.













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