The kindness of strangers

Old friends who know about my change in career, clients, and family members have all at some time or another asked me the same question about my current occupation.

Isn’t it dangerous?

On the surface it should be. A man comes into my home with the intention of having sex with me. The media is only too gleeful about reporting stories of sex workers being abused, even murdered. Other women I know in the industry have horrific stories to tell.

In the two and a half years I’ve been in this business my experience has been very much to the contrary, now more than ever. I was blown away by the many phone calls and messages of sympathy and support and encouragement I received while I was travelling back to Tasmania and during my two weeks’ quarantine recently.

As you may know already, there’s currently a ban on sex work where I live. (Why, I don’t know, as there is zero evidence that COVID-19 is transmitted sexually. I can understand a ban on brothels as people congregate there, but private sex? Does adding cash to it make it more contagious? If so, I’m happy to take credit card!) But a close friend gave me the money for my phone bill, to be repaid at some vague future date. My landlord has made an arrangement re my rent. A regular client approached me recently and offered to pay me in advance to ease the strain on my now quite tiny cash flow.

Usually – whatever that means these days – no, I don’t find my work dangerous. I love it. As you know already, I enjoy sex, and everything it entails. I enjoy the physical contact which so many of us are missing right now. I enjoy the warmth of being with another person, touching, feeling his skin next to mine. The smells, the sounds, the intimacy which you can only get by being in the same room with someone. Sex, in my experience, is rarely about just sex. It’s about communication and empathy and trust as well as some truly wonderful sensations.

Perhaps the biggest danger is that I love my work too much. I’m missing every aspect of it right now.

Love you all!

Stay safe, be careful.


PS A small reminder that I am still offering some services – see the home page for details! I remind myself on a daily basis that this too shall pass, and then I’m looking forward to seeing you again.


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