Thinking of you all tonight

This is the first of possibly many blog posts.

I’m writing this sitting in a little flat on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have a view of The Heads (in the day time), a good coffee shop nearby, and a supermarket a few blocks away.

Today I walked to Manly Beach. I’d never been there before. Possibly I could have picked my time a bit better. A huge electronic sign, the sort you see on roadworks, read “Stay 1.5 metres apart!” A PA system boomed the same message – with the added rider that random police inspections would be carried out – at regular intervals.

I felt as though I was in a science fiction movie. Not Barbarella unfortunately, so no excuse to wear a tiny bikini, even though I now have one in my luggage due to the generosity of a lovely client recently. I’ll leave you with that mental image for a moment.

I worry about you all. The many delightful gentlemen I’ve already met, the ones I’ve spoken to over the phone, the ones I’ve received texts and emails from. Our Anglo-Saxon culture doesn’t equip men to handle emotion. I’ve met many men who, rather than go to a counsellor or psychologist, come to me instead. I help when I can, and if I can’t I refer them to a professional.

My work is rarely about just sex. Many men express themselves through sex. They allow their emotions to show in a place, with me, that is completely private and secure. It’s a wonderful thing, and one I’m honoured to share.

I worry about the psychological cost of this shutdown. Under current NSW restrictions people such as myself along with masseurs, chiropractors, and physiotherapists – anyone who has direct physical contact with their client – is not supposed to work. What will happen to those people whose sole physical contact with another human is with someone like me?

We all need physical contact, yet many of us live alone these days. We need sunshine and exercise too, yet we’re being encouraged to stay indoors. (Both heat and light kill viruses!)

So I’m sending you all virtual hugs tonight. And kisses, lots of kisses.

And hopefully, in the not too distant future, we’ll be able to hold each other again. Not only hold…


If anyone just wants a chat for five or ten minutes feel free to text me, and I’ll call when I can. It’s not as though my diary is full these days! I’m not charging for this. It’s an opportunity to hear a sympathetic person on the other end of the phone.

And if you’d like something sexier, my phone chat service is still available.

Comments are welcome. No, you don’t have to keep them clean.


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