What do I like?

I get asked “What do you like?” on a regular basis.

First of all, I enjoy sex and the company of men.

But that’s probably the easy answer to what looks like an easy question. I know you probably want me to answer oral (especially giving you oral), or doggy, or something specifically sexual. It’s far more than that.

The harder question is tied in with what makes a man enjoyable for me to be with, both in bed and out.

I like being treated as another human being. I like respect and politeness. I like our time together to be as much fun as possible for both of us. (Hint – the more fun I’m having, the more fun you’re going to have!) I like a bit of genuine communication, which means at least an attempt at conversation. I like kisses and cuddles and a bit of affection too. I’m a woman, after all.

We’re going to be together for an hour or two. I think of it as a sort of mini-relationship, and it will go through all the stages of a relationship – meeting, communication both verbal and non-verbal, some excellent sex (all being well), and parting again. Like all relationships it takes a degree of effort from both parties.

It’s probably easier to describe what I don’t like. I don’t enjoy the Porn Star Experience – being treated as a piece of flesh for your convenience. I don’t like your not telling me what you like, what you enjoy, what you get off on. We won’t know each other for long and my psychic abilities are limited. I don’t enjoy pain, and I’m not comfortable inflicting it on anyone else – except perhaps the odd spanking or nipple tweak. Your nipples, not mine.

There are many things that don’t matter to me at all – the colour of your skin and your first language, for example. You are not your ethnicity, you are how you treat other people.

And in case you’re still wondering, yes, I do enjoy giving you oral, and doggy, and lots of other things we can do to each other.



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