Where am I?

Right now I’m sitting up in bed in a hotel room in Newcastle, NSW. I’ve checked my messages, and someone has cancelled because he’s unwell. I far prefer that to someone coming to see me when he’s ill! And it means I have a little time to catch up on jobs, like updating my website.

I don’t see many people. I live mainly in hotel rooms. I don’t use public transport. I touch as little as possible when I’m out – no handrails, for example. These days most doors are self opening. I pay attention to my personal hygiene.

On this last note, when you do visit me (or anyone else), please shower thoroughly just before your visit. Soap and water! Everywhere!!! I rejected a client the other day who smelled as though he’d been living in the streets. In more tolerant times I would have showered him, but my only thought was to get him out of my room as soon as I could.

Strange times indeed.

I’m not returning to Tasmania in the near future. It would mean voluntary quarantine for two weeks when I got home, then I may not be able to get back to the mainland again. And if I did, would it involve another two weeks of voluntary quarantine? So I’m staying on the mainland probably until November. I’m still working it all out.

Overall my plan is to tour the eastern states intermittently. I have places I can stay in between tours.

Stay tuned, I’m not out of action yet!



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