On being a GILF

I was really excited the first time somebody called me a GILF until I found out the G stood for Granny. I may no longer be a Girl, but being a Granny comes with some advantages. I’ll be 67 in July, and in August I’ll hopefully be celebrating (COVID-19 restrictions allowing) half a century of glorious, wonderful, delicious sex. And the more I have, the more I enjoy it.

This blog post is prompted by a delightful email from a gentleman in, I think, UK, received overnight. I’d like to share it with you.

Nice to meet you through your Scarlet Blue profile. One appreciates your availability despite the great distance apart. You are a treasure like Chloe (Champagne Lady UK) and Zoe Zane in the USA. It would be awesome if you and these other fine Ladies would inspire Mature women (married ones, specially) to be available throughout their sixties and beyond.

It’s true that there are few women in my age group anywhere who are still working. I discovered my current occupation at the age of 64, thinking that there might be one or two gentlemen in Hobart who would enjoy my company. I’m constantly amazed by my popularity, which I know from the many wonderful messages I get from followers all over Australia, and it seems that my fame is spreading overseas as well. Wow!

I have no plans to stop yet.

There is a need for Mature women like you as you and the aforementioned can attest. There are a few outfits like Judy’s Mature Escorts in the UK that provide such venue for GILF lovers, but not enough to go around. One appreciates that Layla (60+) is available at Judy’s as she will be well visited after the Covid crisis ends.

I hope I’ll be well-visited too when the current crisis is over, although because of my age I limit the number of people I see. And of course I’ll tour interstate again. I was having a great deal of fun in NSW before the current crisis hit.

Sex should never be rushed, in my opinion. It’s to be enjoyed on every possible level, and that includes getting to know each other.

GILFs have an attractiveness that is hard to resist. More often than not, a guaranteed pleasure-filled  experience as a Lady knows how to give herself out, and one’s needs to her body. As one loves nicely stretched out holes, many GILFs are not tight, and perfectly suited to endowed lovers who appreciate a GILF welcoming roominess.

Some very well endowed men have visited me because other ladies don’t know how to accommodate their size. There are positions which both partners can enjoy and techniques that can be learned to bring satisfaction to both partners. Unfortunately mainstream American-style porn has given the impression that bigger is better, when in fact, for some men, bigger can be a genuine problem to both parties. I’ve been able to help with that in the past.

I’ve given birth three times but always went back into shape very quickly, probably because I orgasm easily and those internal muscles get plenty of exercise. I’ve been told I’m quite tight still. So far, no complaints about that!

There is a nice submissive softness about a GILF Escort that is quite attractive. A perceived frailty or softness in their bodies that contrasts nicely to one’s hard muscles.

I do enjoy the feel of a young, hard, male body, but there’s a lot to be said for dad bods too. They’re comfortable!

Though many GILFs can certainly take a hard pounding or two that younger and not so experienced women simply can’t.

If my partner is prepared to take the time and effort to make sure I’m sufficiently aroused then yes, definitely something I enjoy.

One can only impress you by ardent repeat visits, and rewards that would touch and move you.

I have quite a few regular visitors. We get to know each other, our lives and backgrounds and, of course, what we both like. We can both relax and enjoy ourselves a lot more as we get to know each other.

Gifts never go astray. Chocolate is high on my list – the darker the better. My favorite wine is a still rose. Dinners at a good restaurant are welcome. And if you’re feeling really generous I adore rubies, especially in antique settings.

One’s size and girth probably would not be impressive as you likely have welcomed many far greater and thicker lovers over the past decades. One’s stamina likewise could not compare to dozen others in the 1% energy transferred to your body over the years.

Every man is different. Every man has his own attributes and talents – one reason I adore my work. I love to hear about people’s stories, their experiences, their adventures.

And it’s never about what you’ve got, and always about what you do with it. Kindness, empathy, and conversation are incredibly sexy and not to be underrated.

It is precisely your experience and welcoming availability that are irresistible. One loves very experienced Ladies that are pretty, soft, feminine, easy, well-fucked (no holes barred), and mature like you. Anilos, Aunt Judy’s, and Channel69movies (60+ Ladies) are proof that many around the world love and need GILFs like you.

I hope at least a few of the above apply to me. Perhaps my next career will be as a porn star!




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