Sex Education 101


I have a friend who’s a sexologist. After completing her degree in Psychology she did a Masters degree in Sexology, and now teaches Sex Ed in schools around the state.

I have decades of practical experience, backed up by extensive reading. Sex has fascinated me my entire adult life.

We have some very interesting conversations.

She and I agree that it’s essential to teach kids some basic facts about sex while they’re still at school. She acknowledges that she doesn’t have time to teach them about the intricacies of a sexual relationship.

In our Western culture, people are expected to learn about sex from their peers or from porn. Neither are very good sources of information. What, then, is the option? Often it’s a sex worker: a woman who knows, through regular experience, how to please a man. Or an older, often married, woman who has her own motives and reasons.

This system is not teaching a man how to be the sort of lover a woman will welcome back into her bed time after time. It’s not even teaching a man much about himself!

Some men work out early on that the happier your partner is, the happier you will be. Some may know this in theory, but have no idea how to make it happen. This is where I come in.

With the above in mind I’m starting a service for young (and even older!) men who would like to learn more about genuinely good sex. Let me demonstrate some basic female anatomy. Let my body be your practice ground. Let’s find out what makes you tick too, what you enjoy, what you want, and how to encourage your partner to go through the same process of discovery.

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