To make a booking

If you want to make a booking to see me please follow this protocol. It saves us both a lot of time.

TEXT or email me. DO NOT PHONE! My phone is always on silent, I only answer calls from people I already know. These calls are booked and prepaid.

In your text or email, state the following:

The city or town. When I’m on tour I have adverts running in two or three places.

How long you want to spend with me. My minimum booking is for an hour. Don’t waste my time and yours by requesting less. Also, I don’t do parts of hours.

What time of day you prefer. My first booking is 9:00 a.m. My last booking is 9:00 p.m. I am not available after 10:00 p.m. unless the booking is for overnight.

Day and date. “Thursday” is not enough information. Neither is “tomorrow” or “now”.

A little bit of information about yourself. It doesn’t need to be a lot – name, age, what you do for a living, why you want to see me. This is where you tell me what you’re interested in, if you have a thing about older women, if you want GFE, and so on.

My perfect text message is:

“Hello Lady Jane, I’m John, I’m double vaxxed and had my booster last week. I’m a farmer from Oatlands. Can I visit you at 10:00 am on Sunday 25th in Hobart for 2 hours? Looking for GFE. I’m 45 but I love older women.”

And remember, this is about mutual fun. Right from the beginning!