Welcome! This is the page you watch for tour dates.

All dates and places are subject to the limitations and vagaries of COVID. I’m double vaxxed and had my booster in February, 2022. I only see people who are (at least) double vaxxed. Be aware that I may ask for proof when you visit me. If I can work out how to put the app on my phone, then I’m sure you can.

If you’d like me to pencil in a booking for you, text me on 0458 212 417 or email me on Please note, my phone is always on silent, and I don’t answer phone calls.

If you’re not sure how to make a booking visit this page. Have a look anyway, it will probably save us both some time.

Planned Tours

No definite dates as yet, these are only ideas at this stage.

Spring Mainland Tour

Melbourne, Wagga Wagga, Orange, Coffs Harbour & Wollongong.


New Zealand & UK

I’m planning on visiting NZ and UK in a northern summer, perhaps in 2023. As you may know I don’t fly (I detest airports, not flying), so this is dependent on shipping traffic.

Email me if you have suggestions for which cities/towns I should visit.


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